Take care of your boating equipment and it will last many decades.  Boats and all other paddling equipment should not be stored in direct sunlight.  If you need to store boats outside, purchase a cheap tarp to cover them.  Sunlight breaks down plastic over time - not worth worrying about on boating trips but certainly worth considering for extended storage.

I like to wash my paddling clothes, spray skirt, and life jacket by hand in a big tub with a strong anti-bacterial soap like Doctor Bronners Soap.  This doesn't take too long.  Once finished, rinse thoroughly and hang out to air dry.  This will keep your gear smelling fresh and clean and your carpool partners will appreciate that.  Helmets, especially those without ventilation holes should be filled with clean tap water, add a tablespoon of vinegar, leave sit overnight.  The next morning, empty, pat dry and store upright on a dry shelf.  You only need to do this every few months.  Here is a great article from NRS on Neoprene Care.

Gaskets should get frequent conditioning with 303 aerospace protectant spray.  I would also lubricate dry suit zipper/s periodically.  If you get any small tears, patch and seal before your next trip.  If gaskets need to be replaced, you can do this yourself or better yet, contact your drysuit vendor for professional repairs.  Here is a nice article on how to take care of a dry suit: Dry Suit Care.

One other point worth noting for the winter months.  Many of us enjoy practicing our rolls in a nice warm chlorinated pool.  Chlorinated water wreaks havoc on boating gear.  Immediately after the pool session, rinse thoroughly in plain tap water.

Wood paddles last forever with periodic maintenance.  One of mine is over 30 years old and just as good as new - sweet!  Fix any gouges soon, place duct tape over the bad spot in the mean time to seal while waiting a repair.  Another good way to make a quick small gouge repair is clear nail polish.  Every couple of years, lightly sand clean and refinish.  If you want to outsource this task, contact Jimmy Snyder: RivrStyx.