River KayakThis website is a compilation of a number of articles and various web resources that cover all topics listed in the ACA (American Canoe Association) Level 2: Essentials of River Kayaking suggested curriculum. The ACA L2 class is suitable for beginning kayakers and prepares students for dealing with moving water features.  This class provides a nice entry point for novice whitewater runs. 

When I teach this class, I feel it is very beneficial to have students review this material at their leisure from home.  Although I've taught this class with a variety of kayak types, whitewater boats will make this class easier and more enjoyable. 

For those so inclined, there are a number of really nice books targeted towards beginner and more advanced kayakers.

Starting an exciting sport like kayaking can be very thrilling and somewhat scary (they often go hand in hand).  Classes like these have students that span great age differences and experience levels as well.  Don't be concerned if you are challenged at first or other students appear more skilled, this is a beginners class - no experience is expected. 

We start this class by getting to know the participants, their paddling backgrounds, and perhaps specifics goals they are interested in learning during this class. Safety in all ACA classes is absolutely paramount. A key rule in every ACA class is the concept of "Challenge By Choice". Put quite simply, if a particular exercise is well beyond your comfort level - skip it.