This website is a compilation of a number of articles and various web resources that cover all topics listed in the ACA (American Canoe Association) Level 3: River Kayaking suggested curriculum. The ACA River Kayaking class is targeted towards Beginner/Novice boaters. Novice boaters need decent boat control skills, self-rescue skills like swimming with boat & paddle, and basic rescue skills to save their buddys.

When I teach this class, I feel it is very beneficial to have students review this material at their leisure from home. This online curriculum contains a significant amount of background material many will find interesting. The standard ACA beginners class along with some seat time on easy runs will provide very solid preparation for this class. For those so inclined, there are a number of really nice books targeted towards novice/intermediate kayakers.

Novice boating is far more than simply navigating class II whitewater. Understanding of rescue skills and using the right equipment are also part of the required skills package. A great companion course is the standard ACA Level 3 Safety & Rescue course: ACA River Safety & Rescue Level 3 Course. In the Winter time, consider taking a CPR and First Aid class as well.

We start this class by getting to know the participants, their paddling backgrounds, and perhaps specific goals they are interested in learning about from this class. Safety in all ACA classes is absolutely paramount. A key rule in every ACA class is the concept of "Challenge By Choice". Put quite simply, if a particular exercise is well beyond your comfort level - skip it.