Strokes will be covered in far more detail in the Strokes section of the course.  To help prepare you for that section, we need to think about kayaking as a three dimensional activity.  The first dimension is going forward and backward - linear.  This is where we use our power strokes.  Quite simply, this is the Forward Stroke and the Back Stroke.  It takes some practice to paddle forward in a straight line, especially in flat water.  We will be spending a great deal of time practicing this crucial stroke.  The Back Stroke can be used to stop the boat or maintain your position in current.  The second dimension requires turning strokes.  The most common turning strokes are the Forward and Reverse Sweeps.  We can also turn with correction strokes like the forward and reverse Rudder.  Draw strokes can also turn the boat if initiated in front or behind the cockpit.  The third dimension deals with being able to remain upright.  When the boat starts falling over on its side, you need a way to bring the boat back upright.  This is done via a Low (preferred) or High Brace.