We are quite fortunate to have access to a great deal of information via the World Wide Web. This is a list of various resources that may be helpful to you for paddling information.

BCKC Web Site
Note: This is the Baltimore Canoe & Kayak Club portal and it is chock full of great paddling information and scheduled trips.
Paddle Praddle
Note: This is the famous Paddle Praddle public forum. Many posts on this forum are anonymous so buyers beware. Despite that reservation, it is a great place to ask quick questions and get unfiltered answers.
CCA Web Site
Note: This is the Canoe Cruisers Association web portal. Their forum isn’t nearly as active as the previous two sites but this is the place to go for paddling in the Potomac area and racing in particular.
American Whitewater
Note: This is AW – The American Whitewater Association. This site has lots of paddling related information and is one-stop shopping for river gauge and kayak run descriptions. I strongly recommend bookmarking this site.
American Canoe Association
Note: This is the ACA – American Canoe Association. The ACA is the training organization for whitewater paddling and swift water rescue. This site has lots of excellent training and safety material.
Steep & Cheap
Note: A very interesting site that sells deeply discounted paddling and outdoor merchandise.
Boater Talk
Note: Boater Talk is a national forum for paddlers. This site also has gear reviews.
MCC River Rankings
Note: Tony Allred assembled this gem. This is a great place to compare runs and look for local streams at your skill level. This site helps you to understand terms like Novice, Practiced Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, etc.
Keelhauler River Rating System
Note: Interesting point system for rating rivers.
Northwest River Supplies
Note: Great mail order business. You can buy NRS gear at many of our local outfitters.
Note: Great site for looking at boat specifications and reviews.
Menasha Ridge Publishing
Note: Publishes many of the great paddling guidebooks.
C Boats.net
Note: The authoritative source for canoeing.
Canoe Kayak.com
Note: I haven't used this site as much and can't vouch for its usefulness. It does seem to have a lot of good information though.
Lower Yough Reservation System
Note: Bookmark this one. This is where you reserve Lower Yough permits.
North Branch & Savage Release Schedule
Note: This is another one you will want to bookmark. This page posts information about upcoming releases on the North Branch Bloomington section and the Savage River.
Note: It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast before heading out on a paddling trip.
Note: Another paddling site. I haven't used this one and can't vouch for its usefulness.
USGS River Gauges
Note: These are the USGS gauges that the AW site uses to build their web pages. Simply substitute the two letter state in the hyperlink above. This site takes awhile to master but provides a great deal of information.
WRSI Safety Blog
Note: Interesting River Safety Blog with lots of great information.
AW Safety Database
Note: This is the home of our sport's accident research. If someone asks you how safe our sport is, this is the authoritative source.
Sweet Composites
Note: The place to go for fiberglass repair material and other hard to find items.
Paddling Perfection
Note: Great resource on paddling technique from a real master.
Shoulder Routine
Note: Awesome shoulder rehabilitation and strengthening regimen. This is worth bookmarking as well.