In most private boating parties, everyone knows each other's skills and what equipment they bring. Rick always has the best first aid kit (but I am catching up thanks to Rick). Ron has every piece of rescue gear ever invented. Pat is a very solid paddler and well versed in rescues. Dave is the electronics guru and probably has a cell phone and GPS device. I am an excellent rock hopper and can quickly scramble to any position necessary. I am also light and useful for vertical work if necessary. You catch the drift, we each have specialties and we know what they are. When paddling with new boaters, do a quick equipment check at shuttle time. This can save a great deal of time in an emergency. When an incident takes place, each of us can make a quick assessment and spring into action without a great deal of communication. This is great in a pin situation where you may not have the luxury of time. Although we lack a formal structure, we still work as a team and support each other.