If you happen to broach on a boulder, don't panic. If you lean hard onto the boulder you will keep your cockpit downstream and it will not be filling with water. The next step is to carefully rock the boat back and forth hoping to catch the main current. Most of the time, this will free the boat. In an end to end pin, if the current isn't too strong, you may be able to push off with your paddle blade to free yourself. If the boat starts to fold, pop the skirt and get out ASAP! In most vertical pins, you will need some assistance. If heads up, stay calm so you don't flip the boat and blow your whistle for attention. If you have a waist or pocket bag, you may be able to toss it to someone on shore if this doesn't cause you to lose stability. If heads down and rolling doesn't work, get out of the boat ASAP, why wait for worse luck to happen like a wrap.