The ACA and the SEIC work together to promote paddle sports and grow our organization.  Occasionally, situations arise that require some flexibility in our normal rules & procedures: SEIC Policy Manual.  These exceptions generally fall into the following categories:

  • New Discipline Development - like the recent SUP discipline
  • Inadequate Instructor/IT/ITE availability - like the Adaptive Paddling discipline
  • Unique opportunity to enlist a world class Instructor
  • Unique opportunity to add a world renowned paddling school/program
  • Special geographic opportunities
  • An ICW class with less than 4 candidates due to uncontrollable circumstances

There may be other situations but the above situations are the most common.

Formal waiver requests must be submitted to the SEI before the event takes place with adequate time to evaluate - generally several weeks.  Some waivers may be authorized by the SEI but many need evaluation and approval by the SEIC Standards Committee and the Discipline Chair.  The Standards Committee consists of the SEIC Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Past Chair, and Secretary.  Waiver requests state the special exception to be granted and a sensible rational for granting that exception.  These waivers are evaluated on a case by case basis and a vote is recorded by the SEI along with a formal reply granting the waiver or not.