Come prepared to work for your certification.  We can't guarantee everyone will pass this course.  The ACA has maintained a strong reputation by ensuring certified instructors really know their stuff and can effectively demonstrate that knowledge.  At the conclusion of an IDW/ICE course, there are several possible outcomes:

  • Pass (receive certification at a certain level)
  • Be Continued (must address specific deficiencies prior to receiving certification: an appropriate course of action will be developed with the facilitating Instructor Trainer)
  • Fail  (must retake either the IDW or ICE, or both)

NOTE: An Instructor Candidate continued at one level can be awarded a lower level of certification if earned.  (for an example, an Instructor Candidate can earn a Level 2 certification in a Level 4 certification course).

At the end of the course, you will get an individual debrief.  We will explain why you passed or failed to achieve certification.  We are not looking for perfection and will often provide tips/suggestions even for instructors that passed the highest level certification offered.  For my part, I will do my best to help you improve your skills during the IDW so you can pass the ICE in flying colors.  Sucess is mainly up to you.  Come prepared, do your homework, and practice skills that need improvement.