The process of becoming an initial Instructor Trainer (IT) is extensive.  Besides having a fair amount of teaching experience and skills, trainers need extensive knowledge of the ACA and especially the SEIC Policy Manual.  At a high level, here is the process:

  1. Gain extensive experience as an instructor over two years, ideally 6 or more skills classes with 3 at your highest level.
  2. Build your network, teach with multiple instructors to learn various techniques.  These instructors will also be helpful for your required 3 reference letters.
  3. Line up a trainer to work with and complete the IT Registration Form
  4. Complete the IT Self Study.  Part of the self study is an online exam.  The exam quizzes you on ACA/SEIC policy, knowledge of the ACA web site, etc.
  5. The office will review your completed exam and will prpvide written guidance.  Assuming all is in good order, you will be instructed to schedule your Assist ICW.  Any IT or ITE in your discipline can work with you on your Assist ICW. 
  6. Assuming all gioes well in your Assist ICW, you wuill need to schedule a Lead Teach ICW with an ITE in your discipline. 
  7. The ITE will be contacting the SEI Department to ensure they don't have any issues with your candidacy.  Make certain you have stayed current on your skills/assessment class reports - they are vital.
  8. I strongly recommend assuming as much control in your lead as your ITE permits.  You want a very active hand in recruitment, interviews, course outline development, student evaluations, etc.  Complete the lead ICW course paperwork and make certain you gather student evaluations from all Instructor Candidates - these are essential.  Here are all of the ICW forms: IT Forms.
  9. After submitting the ICW paperwork, complete the IT Application
  10. Make certain this paperwork is complete: 3 letters of recommendation, complete ICW course report with all student evaluations and instructor trainer evaluations, a course outline that covers everything in the instructor criteria, dues are current as well as First Aid and CPR certifications.
  11. Contact the SEI Department and verify all papers are in order.
  12. The Standards Committee will evaluate and the SEI Department get back to you with a decision.
  13. Assuming you passed, check to see that your new status is reflected on the ACA website.