As part of the ACA Instructor Development Workshop, we need to convey some information about the ACA.  The ACA is rich in history, hard to believe it is over 100 years old.  Most people think the ACA is just education, actually it is a great deal more as we will soon discover.  I also provide detailed metrics of the numbers of certified instructors, trainers, and educators in the disciplines that I teach.  This shows how valuable and exclusive these certifications are.  The ACA doesn't rubberstamp it's instructors and there are no guarantees we can provide (other than we will do our best to help you achieve your goals).

The ACA (American Canoe Association) is a non-profit organization that along with the SEIC (Safety Education Instruction Council) were founded to promote paddle sports via education, stewardship, and support of events/programs for paddle sport recreation. The ACA is well accepted as a leader for instructor certification. Many outfitters, organizations, and canoe clubs require ACA certified instructors to run their education programs.