The ACA has adopted a very consistent training regimen that works well for our sport:

  1. Sell the topic/skill - remember WIIFM.  This provides the motivation.
  2. Presentation - Many start off a full demo and then explain the components.
  3. Demonstrate - several times as necessary.  Be slow and deliberate if possible.
  4. Practice - It is now time for the students to try their hand at the skill.  Watch their form closely.  Use your critical observation skills.  Answer any questions.
  5. Review - This is a very crucial step for all scenario based exercises.  Have the students judge their performance, what worked - what didn't and why.  This develops critical thinking and far deeper understanding.

You might not perform everyone of these steps for all topics.  Some may be combined when it makes sense.  Whenever possible, have the students try their hands on each skill and they will remember the skills long after the class has completed.