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The Swiftwater Rescue instructor certification class is a two-weekend class that follows the ACA Level 4 curriculum.

Becoming a certified Swiftwater Rescue Instructor is very rewarding and definitely a challenge.  It is highly recommended that you have taken the skills course prior to tacking the Instructor Certification course.  All participants are required to be ACA members.  It is also highly recommended that you are certified in First Aid and CPR (this is required for full certification).  

This course takes two full weekends and thoroughly covers the entire ACA Level 4 curriculum.  The first weekend is the IDW (Instructor Development Workshop) which includes a Friday evening session.  There are several homework assignments prior to the class as well covering:

  • Formal presentation
  • ACA paperwork
  • Class planning

All participants will need their standard boating gear, the CCA (Canoe Cruisers Association) provides basic rescue gear like:

Prussik Cord
Throw Bags

Although the club has some large pull over rescue vests, please bring yours if you have one.  in general, instructors should have their own rescue vest as this is an integral part of this course.

The cost of this course is $40 and is typically scheduled in late May/Early June each year.