Instructor Maintenance Requirements

After working so hard to achieve your certification, it makes sense to maintain it.  The ACA conducts an audit on all Instructors reaching their four year anniversary.  The audit checks for the following:

  • Do you have a qualifying Instructor Update?
  • Have you reported at least two classes one of which is at your highest level of certification in this discipline?

The SEIC sends out frequent newsletters informing you of any changes like the new first aid requirement several years ago.  I also pull down a copy of the latest ACA Skills Course curriculum and compare against my current prepared materials.  If there are any new topics, I research them to ensure I stay up to date. Here is a summary of the other maintenance activities:

  • Maintain annual ACA Membership & SEIC Registration (pay your dues)
  • Teach & properly report at least two classes with at least one being at your highest level of certification
  • Successfully complete an Instructor Update (the Instructor Update can be completed anytime during your four year tenure)
  • Instructors must obtain and maintain appropriate first aid, CPR training
  • It's highly advisable to get rescue training and refresh periodically

Instructor Updates

The ACA/SEIC provides a number of choices for Instructor Updates:

  • Complete a formal Instructor Update Course
  • Co-teach an IDW or ICE with an IT or ITE
  • Co-teach a skills course, at your highest level of certification, with an IT or ITE
  • Complete an IDW or ICE in your discipline at your highest certification level
  • Complete a qualifying Endorsement (must have SEI pre-approval as only certain endorsements qualify as an Update)

Note: Updates should include a review of ACA policies.