A great place to start your journey is to look at the Trainer Application form

Let's take a closer look at the requirements:

  • ACA Instructor for the past two years.  Make certain you maintain your ACA & SEIC dues.
  • Experience: Report your skills and assessment classes.  Ideally, you should report at least 6 classes with 3 at your highest level.  If you teach for a private firm or organization, those can be reported as ACA teaching experience as well.
  • Age: Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Assist in an ICW with an IT or ITE.  This begins the mentoring process.  Instructors teach skills, Trainers teach skills, teaching technique, and ACA history, policy, and procedures.
  • Lead an ICW supervised by an ITE.  Consider this the ICE for trainers.  I strongly recommend taking charge of this class via recruiting, paperwork, instruction, and class logistics.  You need to sign all certification class paperwork and treat the ITE as just an assistant/mentor.  All Trainers/ITEs need to sign all documents.  The method of signature will be determined by the ITE.
  • It is recommended you certify in a second related field.  The ACA has many disciplines to choose from.  You can also certify as a life guard, First Aid Trainer, Rock Climbing instructor, etc.
  • Three letters of recommendations.  These are very important.  One of these will be your sponsoring ITE.  Try to work with a variety of instructors and trainers in your discipline and learn from their various teaching methods.  In general, it is a good idea to solicit recommendations from certified individuals in your discipline that have watched you in action.
  • Develop a solid course outline.  Pay very close attention to the latest ACA Instructor Criteria
  • Instructor Candidate Evaluations.  These are really important and are a written record of your feed back to your students. One word of caution though, this packet includes the evaluation form and the continuation form.  Discard the continuation form if not needed.  If the candidate needs some sort of remediation, complete the continuation form objectively listing the deficiencies and fully explain the remediation plan.
  • Student evalauation of the Trainers. The IT Evaluation Form is really crucial for the SEIC Standards Committee to get a sense of your abilities. They are also a great tool to use for your own development.  I strongly recommend assigning a helper or student to gather these evaluations at the end of the class to ensure 100% compliance.