Becoming an Instructor Trainer is not easy (nor should it be).  After achiving this coveted status, it's very important to take the necessary steps to maintain your certification.  Just like Instructor Maintenance, IT's are audited on their 4 year anniversaries.  The audit consists of:

  • Continuous ACA & SEIC membership - pay those dues
  • Teach and properly report at least 4 classes
  • Teach and properly report an ICW, Update, and Skills/Assessment at your highest certification level
  • The Standards Committee accepts Updates as part of skills or ICW classes at the present time
  • Participate in an Instructor Trainer Update in your discipline.  Unfortunately, these are exceptionally rare in most disciplines. 
  • Alternatively, co-teach an IDW & ICE with another Trainer in your discipline.  This must be done with a different trainer than your last certification period.