One of the banes for Trainers is the amount of paperwork necessary to report an ICW.  This effort requires different paperwork as you might expect since we are minting new instructors for the ACA.  Trainers need to maintain notes in some manner during the ICE (Instructor Certification Exam).  In some disciplines, video is used to properly assess paddling form.  These notes are used to provide effective feedback to the instructor candidates via 1:1 counseling and the necessary IC Evaluation form.

It is all too easy to get overwhelmed by this paperwork.  I highly recommend preparing as much of the paperwork prior to the class by pre-filling in names, ACA #, etc. on an certification course report form.  I also prefill in the static fields on the two types of evaluations.  A note pad or digital recording device may be helpful during class.  Most trainers update their forms on a nightly basis while their observations are fresh in their mind and to save time on the last day of class.

Running an ICW or Update Course

NOTE: ACA Insured courses require the original signed liability waivers (just like skills & assessment courses). 

Trainers may also provide an update by co-teaching a skills class with a certified instructor.  The skills class report form has an update selection with level.  You must list the update candidate in the course roster.