I am both an ACA certified Level 4 instructor for River Kayaking and SWR (Swift Water Rescue) Instructor Trainer.  I have written numerous articles on this sport for several kayak clubs and have assembled extensive web-based training resources for a variety of ACA classes.  I am also on the ACA SWR committee.  I started paddling in May, 1979 and have enjoyed this great sport since.


As a club instructor, I normally recruit a wide variety of skilled assistants.  I almost always have a doctor, nurse, or EMT.  I also have skilled rock climbers, SWR experts, and very skilled boaters.  My friends help keep me honest and can provide additional insight on certain topics.  In this class, all of you will be my assistants.  Everyone will get extensive practice in teaching various topics.  Please speak up to demonstrate a critical eye for important information gaps or to provide clarification.


This IDW/ICE Class is simply a starting point.  Keep in touch with your fellow classmates and instructors.  Offer to teach classes for your local canoe club or Team River Runner - they can always use the help.  Get out an paddle a wide variety of rivers, not just the Potomac.  Keep your medical certifications current like CPR and First Aid.