This is a formal ACA (American Canoe Association) ICW Class.  As such, we have a very limited amount of time to convey a great deal of information.  To make this class successful, we need to stick to the following ground rules:

  • Classes will start at 9:00 AM sharp, try to arrive by 8:30 AM as parking is tight at Lock 5
  • We will try to wrap up classes between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM
  • Proper boating gear and clothing are essential.  All participants should bring their own throw rope and have proper flotation in their boats.
  • Pay special attention to your footware, no loose sandals!  Rescues often involve wading in current with challenging bottom surfaces
  • If you have questions, please ask them
  • Do only what you are comfortable with
  • Try to set aside time for reading these documents, at least ones that interest you.

ICW classes are spread out over two full weekends.  Instructor Candidates are expected to know the material for the most part and be proficient in performing all rescue skills.  In general, you should have taken the skills course before taking this class or have comparable experience.  We plan to go beyond this basic understanding.  You will learn various techniques for sharing your knowledge to new students.  You will also learn how to set-up scenarios and basic skill evolutions.  Excellent communication and organization skills are crucial to being a sucessful instructor.

As is often the case with any class, some students may need additional coaching on a few skills.  Where feasible, we will allot extra time to ensure you are fully able to teach any topic in the curriculum with confidence.  40 hours isn't much time though.  To be sucessful, you will need to prepare ahead of time for this class.  All homework assignments have specific and important objectives and are mandatory to complete.  All instructors need strong self-evaluation skills.  If you need brushing up on any specific skill, just let me know.  After the first weekend, practice any skills you fing challenging so you are prepared for the ICE (Instructor Certification Exam).