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Whitewater Practice:  Judgment: 
  • Ferries 
  • In addition to learning hard skills, the importance of devloping personal judgment and group responsibility increases on more difficult paddling venues.
  • Eddy Turns 
Self Awareness: 
  • Peelouts 
  • Understanding your level of anxiety 
  • Wide (exit wide from eddy line) 
  • Understanding your personal style and risk tolerance 
  • Shallow (exit close to eddy line) 
  • Responsibility to the group 
  • Sequences of Maneuvers 
  • River and group awareness 
  • C-turns (Peel out and eddy into same eddy) 
  • Rapid Analysis Scenarios 
  • S-turns (Peel out one side and eddy into opposite side) 
  • Surfing 


River Running:   
Strategies in running rivers   
How to paddle in current   
Spacing/ Avoid "tunnel vision"   
Scouting and rapid analysis scenarios   
From boat/ From shore   
How to establish the "best" route/ “Plan "B"   
Portaging hazards   
Group organization on the river   
Group cohesiveness (lead, sweep boats, etc.)   
Universal river signals   
Emergency Procedures