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Self Evaluation: Conclusion & Wrap Up: 
  • What moves are required to successfully run the rapid?
  • Group debrief / Individual feedback 
  • Can I perform the required moves?
  • Course limitations 
  • What are the consequences of missing the required moves?
  • Importance of First Aid & CPR 
  • Am I willing to accept these consequences?
  • Importance of additional instruction, practice, experience 
  • What if?
  • Importance of appropriate level of safety & rescue training
  • Rescue considerations
  • Demo advanced maneuver

Group Evaluation - Skill level of the group:

  • Life sport / Paddling options
  • Size of the group Group consequences
  • Local paddling groups / Clubs
  • Condition of the group
  • Handouts / Reference materials 
  • Continue learning process from more experienced paddlers 
  • ACA Membership forms 
  • Responsibility to support other padders (no peer pressure) 
  • Course evaluation 
  • Group Equipment: extra paddle, rescue sling, drybags, maps, first aid kit and location, rescue gear 
  • Participation cards
  • Guidebooks / Local Knowledge
  • Assessing Current Environmental Conditions (including: Water, Weather, Time of Day, and Temperature, Limited Access: Canyons, Cliffs, Remote Area)
  • Assessing Personal and Group Dynamics (Skills, Equipment, Group Makeup, Mental Status, Logistics, group selection, leadership)